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Warcraft 3 Nations League - Intro

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Intro for Warcraft 3 Nations League
????More info below!
Nations League is planned as the world championship of Warcraft III for national teams. Long-term fans of the game will be able to reminisce the times of the European Nations Championship, while newer fans will have the chance to cheer for their national team.

The tournament will consist of 3 main stages - Qualifiers, Group Stage, and World Finals. Additionally, in the Qualifiers and in the Group Stage, the national teams will be divided into two regions - "Europe" and "Americas". Each region will include only countries from the following continents and geographic areas:

Region Europe | Region Americas
Europe | North America
Africa | South America
Middle East | Oceania
Central Asia | Southeast Asia

More details about the Format:

The sign up opens today (August 28th), and it will end on September 13th. The next rounds will follow the schedule below:
* Qualifiers: September 20th - end of October
* Group Stage: November
* World Finals: December

Your support for the event will be greatly appreciated. You can donate using one of the following options:
* [Matcherino]() - if you would like to get some nice rewards as a thank you for your donation
* [PayPal]() - via the donation button on the sign-up page (suitable if you would prefer to donate using a credit/debit card)

????‍????‍????‍????The Organization Team
This event is organized with the support of the biggest Warcraft 3 communities and the greatest volunteers:
* (dur0)
* W3Champions (abeninski, floss2xdaily)
* WC3 Gym
* Refrogged France (TinkeR)
* NWC3L and War3Lovers (DopeY, Psike)
* ArtofWarcraft (WC3 Content Creator)
* B2W Weekly Cups tournament admin team (Nuhiro_Masuda, madisman, LinoBSC, Ember)
* Penseeeternelle (main contributor to Liquipedia Warcraft)
* Ugrilainen (tournament organizer)
* Warcraft III Bulgaria Community (Shorty)

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