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  • 00:27 Fragmented Fantasy

    Fragmented Fantasy

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    The true value of a being is within his own intrinsic nature rather than his possessions. Inspired by this idea, Sofie Lee and I decided to make an animation of a boy who is torn on the inside by greed and turns into a jar. It was an incredibly awesome pr

  • 01:11 FUI ECHO - Screen Graphics / Fantasy User Interface

    FUI ECHO - Screen Graphics / Fantasy User Interface

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    My latest FUI project. F-User Interfaces (the F can mean, Fantasy, Fictional, Fake, Film, Future Four screens created. Took inspiration from UI work in Avengers Age of Ultron. I started of creating a Hero element and build around that. Loads of micro text

  • 00:38 Fantasy Matte Painting / Breakdown

    Fantasy Matte Painting / Breakdown

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    A fantasy-inspired matte painting composited in After Effects. Plate shot on homemade jib at local park. Music credit: Sam McGinnis

  • 00:30 Wamda "Fantasy Westward Journey"

    Wamda "Fantasy Westward Journey"

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    Project Name: "Fantasy Westward Journey TV" Running Time: :30, :15 Film Location: Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai Debut Date: July 7, 2010 (China only) Agency: JWT Shanghai Creative Director: Fei Wei Art Director: Kevin Huang Product

  • 00:31 Paramount Channel - Fantasy Ident

    Paramount Channel - Fantasy Ident

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    Produced by: Paramount Channel (Spain) Creative Director: Tricefalo 3D Animation by: Lanczos Live Action by: Sixfeet Pictures Animation Director: Dani Kei V. Kaneda Technical Director: Elías Soiffer Sanz Character & Art Design: Maroto AKA bambinomonkey 3D

  • 02:31 Little Fantasy

    Little Fantasy

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